Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Research


Many whites, by that same logic, don't think white life matters either. Only nobody uses that as an excuse for police terror against whites. Most crimes against whites are committed by whites. Yet paranoid white simpletons stress over Black crime while being violated (87% of the time) by other whites. Now Blacks are in general more RATIONAL in this matter and far less paranoid. We know that most crime in every group (Native Americans maybe excepted) is INTRARACIAL, not interracial. And we don't lose sleep over how many of you kills or rape each other. Indeed, white husbands more commonly murder than wives than Black husbands. But you don't find Blacks obsessing over white crime. We are indignant about WHITE RACISM, not white crime. THAT we are directly affected by. And you racist buffoons who are always obsessing over Black crime, or using it to deflect from the issue of anti-Black terror by the police, ought to check out Lisa Bloom's article "White People Commit the Most HEINOUS Crimes, So why is America Terrified of Black Men?" in the May 13, 2004 edition of Oh yes, the author happens to be white. Trying to talk some sense into some of her more benighted fellow yourself.



 Several years ago I read an interview involving Noam Chomsky in which Chomsky said that if the police conduct that is status quo in Black and Latin communities were to become COMMONPLACE in white American communities (and not just he white poor) America would already be regarded as a Fascist. Well the police terror so common today in Black and Latino America may very well become commonplace throughout the WHOLE of America. We then will have a Fascist USA; and even many current conservatives and reactionaries and even racists will wish they had opposed police terror while it was still mainly directed against communities of color. But by then it may be too late. Indeed, there are a few conservatives (it seems mainly "libertarians ") who are beginning to perceive this danger even now. At present, most of our allies in white America are---unsurprising ly---center/left. Not unlike the 1960s.



 Those people for whom HUMAN lives matter, are more incense over the killing of Michael Brown, Eric Garner or Tamir Rice than about scattered outbreaks of looting of property. For persons, unlike property, have INHERENT value. And since it was destruction of human life, and judicial support for the destroyers which provoked the attack on property, the obsession with burnt buildings may indicate a definite alienation from all that is human. Moreover, those for whom HUMAN life is valuable, for whom the dignity of human personhood is inviolable, the very thought of racist use of words like "Mexican Jew"---as if being Mexican or Jewish lowered one's worth as a human being---the whole way of thinking indicated by the language is unacceptable to persons for whom human life matters. But such ethical and socially conscious people do not include depraved individuals like Max Fascist "Devil".



 The racist trolls are deflecting. I've a concern more relevant to this thread. Where do we go from here? I also wonder about the similarities and dissimilarities between the mass protests against police terror and the Occupy protests against plutocracy. Police are the armed extension of the state. Plutocracy is the rule of the privileged classes which dominate the state. Somehow relation must be drawn between economic oppression and police violence, and also between racism, economic oppression and political repression. A new movement must think through these matters very carefully. -Savant


 The CIA has been training dictatorial regimes in torture tactics for decades. -Savant

Saturday, November 29, 2014

More Wisdom

Some people have learned very little. The same sort of thing that precipitated riots in LA in 1965, or Detroit and Newark in 1967, were allowed to be repeated in Ferguson in 2014. But I am glad that YOUNG people in Ferguson and elsewhere (including some of my students) are becoming conscientized and socially active again. We may be on the verge of a new MOVEMENT for social justice. -Savant


Meanwhile, AMERICA is a white racist cesspool of plutocratic corruption. I certainly will not romanticize Europe given its ugly record of colonialism. But the ugly record of American racist imperialism hardly gives this "land of the free and home of the brave" any special honors either. Oh, and let's not forget that the French helped save George Washington's a____ at did a fourth of his troops who were AFRICAN AMERICANS--naively believing that they would win their freedom while dying for the "liberty " of white America. -Savant


 There are African Americans who have negative attitudes towards Africans, and Africans who have negative attitudes towards Africans. Anyone reading just THIS THREAD can see that. But there are other African Americans and Africans who are much more progressive in their thinking. I count myself in the company of the latter. Hence I despise Chief Buthelezi for the same reason I despise Clarence Thomas--for being a bootlicker and a traitor. But the African people as a whole, like my fellow African Americans, I love as my Black brothers and sister. -Savant


 The "European people" are not a monolith. There are enlightened and progressive Europeans who are opposed to racism--be it American or European racism---who actually believe in democracy and human rights as more than catch phrases. And there are others like the racists, and the racists' heroes Hitler, Himmler, Merkel and the loons of the National Front who think that human rights belongs only to "their" race or to their nation. Same thing we find among your white cousins here. Hence some whites RALLY in solidarity with us whether in Mississippi in 1964, or Ferguson in 2014. And some American cretins, like their cretinized racist European kindred, rally to the banner of racism, of barbarism and tyranny. Some Europeans opposed colonialism and imperialism, others did not. Same here. Both in Europe and America the struggle against racism and plutocracy is becoming, as Wendell Phillips described the fight against slavery, a "struggle of civilization against barbarism." The fight against racism and plutocracy is a fight against barbarism. -Savant


 If you are speaking of white AmeriKKKans, then you're quite correct. But as you know, I distinguish between them and those who oppose the lunacy. I think it's the same in your country and in other European countries. A fight between civilization and barbarism. By the way, you ought to take a look specifically on the chapter on Angela Davis that appears in the book, DREAMING IN FRENCH. 


 Well, you will never hear these racists say that indiscriminate police violence and repression against WHITES are ok on account of white crime, In fact, white racists don't seem to worry about white crime, only black crime--despite the fact that 87% of all crimes COMMITTED against whites are committed by whites. Native Americans are the only group in which most victims of crime are victimized by somebody outside their group. Nonetheless, we don't stress white crime. We get pissed about WHITE RACISM and white privilege, which idiots like OhReallyStupid believe to be "propaganda " --immense research findings even by whites scholars to the contrary notwithstanding.



 Strange that not only tons of evidence by scholars (black,white and other)repeatedly support my analyses, and UN committees on human rights, Amnesty International and other reports basically support the essence of my analysis, but somehow it is I, not OhSmelly, who can't discern evidence. Research REPEATEDLY supports our claims about judicial racism, racism and brutality of the police, continuing racism in the JOB market, and so forth--but it is WE who are delusional. And much of the supporting evidence actually come from WHITE scholars and researchers, both in America and Europe.



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Conscious Words

Actually, you can find the Cornel West interview in DEMOCRACY NOW with Amy Goodman. I think it happened on October 6. I learned that Cornel West was arrested yesterday in Ferguson. The BOOK is called BLACK PROPHETIC FIRES, and involves an interview between West and a progressive German Christian and scholar. Unfortunately, I forget the German guy's name. -Savant _____________________ Peut-etre le choix de Mossadegh. La lute pour la liberte CONTINUE Dans tous le pays un chemin de la liberte est possible, mais difficile. Paths to freedom must be found in every country, Islamique et non-islamique Tous les hommes are destinied for freedom, though there will be setbacks and defeats as well as victories and great advances. Meme a Egypt, hardly had the Muslim Brotherhood taken power than there was already popular resistance. Where do you think it came from? Not solely from the Christian or secular minorities. Popular resistance in a Muslim country means much resistance is coming from Muslims themselves--in some cases even from Muslims who foolishly voted for the loony Brotherhood. (A sign of the times? In Christian Germany there was no almost immediate popular resistance within less than a year of der Fuhrer taking power. There would be now, and we also see it now in the Muslim world. Hegel has a point even if I cannot fully embrace his metaphysics: World history is the progress of the consciousness of freedom. The Zeitgeist, the spirit of freedom spreads over the whole earth. But what Hegel calls the Zeitgeist is actually the spirit of man. Freedom isn't some mere property or faculty that we have. It is what we ARE. It constitutes the being of the human--les Mussulman compris.. What has remained is for human beings to develop ever higher awareness of freedom as their destiny as well, growing awareness of the dignity of the human being. I am not naïve. This will involve an PROTRACTED struggle. But I am not pessimistic. The liberation of every man, woman and child on earth will be the fruit born of that struggle. We human beings are so constituted that it can hardly be otherwise. We will be free or we will not be. Human beings will never stop striving for freedom. And in every corner of the globe freedom will rise like the dawn).The only question is : How can I aid its rising? -Savant ________________________ In post# 895 I quoted your exact words, you stupid g___. Go read what you wrote! LOL! And credibility with YOU? LOL! That is funny. At any rate, I won't waste more words on you. Your four year old nephew would probably make a more intelligent interlocutor. And your obtuseness may be infectious. Au revoir. Countering the war against Black America--for it's not just against men--and the war against the poor, the working classes and other oppressed groups is what everybody should be talking about. Mass demonstrations are happening in Ferguson and elsewhere. Militarized police--who look like Yankee versions of the gestapo--are setting upon NONVIOLENT demonstrators with mace and gas. Not long ago they used rubber bullets. ARRESTS are mounting in an atmosphere which is becoming more and more fascistic. And it hasn't helped that the Supreme Court during the summer of 2013 gutted the Voting Rights Act of 1965--once regarded as the crown jewel of civil rights victories of the time. And throughout the nation conservative state government are enacting stiff you requirements for voting which disproportionately work to disfranchise Black and Brown folk. So, while Capree, SBT and others continue their Jerry Springer level chatter, the more mature and socially conscious among us must face the growing shadow Fascism spreading across the land. Now this gets us back to the real issues. And I insist that the war is against Black America. It extends to other oppressed groups as well. And the more conscious and committed must figure out how to prepare our defenses. And also how to strategically mount an offensive. -Savant

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Trojan Pam's Words

TrojanPam says:

August 20, 2014 at 7:59 pm @ Courtney H.

 I believe the media/government is using black people and STAGED RIOTS to not only demonize us as a group but also to set the stage for larger society. It’s like we’re a dress rehearsal for what is coming. Now, there’s a new ‘black’ movie coming out where a black male is terrorizing a black female and her child ALONGSIDE a movie with Denzel Washington where he becomes a superhero “The Equalizer” saving and assisting white people. I try to warn people that ANYTHING YOU SEE ON TV AND COMING FROM HOLLYWOOD is promoting white supremacy and anti-blackness (which amounts to the same thing) and while we’re sitting in these movies we never ask “How come there are no movies where a black man protects black women and black children?” coming out of Hollywood?

More of Savant's Words

HEDY EPSTEIN I want to send a shout out to Hedy Eptein, German Holocaust survivor, who was recently arrested in protests against the injustice in Ferguson, MO. It seems she has had a long history of progressive struggle ever since she arrived in this country. Apparently, this German Jewish lady whose parents sent her to England (thereby saving her life, though not their own) has been involved him human rights struggles since at least the 1940s. It seems she was shocked to learn about the realities of racial segregation in this country during the 1940s. And many of the racially repressive laws directed against Blacks at that time reminded her of similar measures in Germany just prior to Hitler's the "Final Solution." I am perturbed to learn that she has a long history of activist solidarity with Black freedom struggles, but that it was only with her recent arrest that I learned of her. When I began this thread years ago to both elicit the voices of progressive whites, and to celebrate their contributions to emancipatory struggles, it was people like Ms. Eptein that I had in mind. She belongs to that tradition of the Tom Paine, Grimke sisters, the whites of the Mississippi Freedom Summer and many others who have sought justice even if it had to be at the expense of white privilege. Of course, as a European Jew in the Third Reich she belonged to the most detested and persecuted race in Europe---as we have long been in America. I can only imagine that when she saw those militarized police pitted against the Black community ---against NONVIOLENT protestors---she was reminded of the gestapo cops who turned Europe into an inferno. And perhaps she reco9gnized that the fascistic tactics directed against our people must eventually become the commonplace way in which America as a whole would be ruled if it is ignored when done in the Black community. For some Jews--unfortunatel y not all--"Never again!" never again only for the Jews. But never again can atrocities be accepted against ANY human community. She may not represent the majority of white America, but she does represent the BEST of white America....the best in all of us. May she and others like her live ad prosper until the rivers run backward



 learned long ago not to take what you say at face value. Suffice it to say that some African Americans might find a TRIP TO DENMARK quite pleasant. And even though I know that there is racism in Europe, I doubt that Denmark or any Western European country is more racist than the good ole USA. -Savant


 Probably PEOPLE saw the dangers of Fascism in the 1960s because of the repression against movement which intensified in the late 60s. Students shot by National Guard, Panthers killed and railroaded, the atrocities of Mayor Daley's police during the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago, the trial of the Chicago 7, etc. George Jackson actually believed that America was ALREADY Fascist, not just moving in that direction. But we have seen that it could get even worse, the Neoconservative movement has tried to undo the progressive accomplishments of the 1960s. So, our struggle must CONTINUE before America does become Fascist, totally and for real. In some collection of his writings, Noam Chomsky stated that if police were allowed to operate throughout the WHOLE of America as they do in Black and Latin communities, the USA would already be regarded as a fascist or police state. Take that as a warning!!! Some whites--like Hedy Epstein--have seen the writing on the wall. We had all better unite soon in defense of what freedom we have left before it's too late. Death to Fascism!



Submitted by Brutal Truth on Tue, 09/11/2012 - 16:20.
Obama had 2 years from January 2009 through January 2011 when this country had a Democratic supermajority in the Senate, a sizeable Democratic majority in the House plus an ostensibly Democratic president. Golden opportunity to actually get off their asses and do something about the minimum wage, the Employee Free Choice Act, single-payer health care... What do we have to SHOW for it?
Minimum wage stuck at $7.25/hour -- great for business owners but absolute sh___ for the average low-wage worker. No Employee Free Choice Act because it would give the capitalist ownership class acid reflux. No single-payer health care, not even a public option, no ability to reimport affordable pharmaceuticals from Canada because that would cut into Big Pharma's profit margins. No, instead what we got was a health care "reform" bill that only Big Pharma and the HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES could love. If you don't believe me ask yourself why did the stocks of big insurance companies skyrocket as soon as word reached Wall Street that the "reform" bill was going to pass in Congress? We also have had an administration that floated a trial balloon in the Washington Post a couple of years ago suggesting they want to privatize public housing. If a white Republican president had suggested that they'd run his a___ out of town on a rail and call him the biggest racist since David Duke. But an African-American Democrat president suggests it and I hear crickets chirping. If a Republican president had ramped up the failed natural gas pipeline war in Afghanistan the anti-war protesters would have come out of the woodwork... but Obama does it and the left doesn't make a sound.
Just what exactly do you expect the billionaires' puppet and corporate (___) Obama to do in the next four years? When he has absolutely no pressure whatsoever from having to face another election? If he didn't do jack nor s____ these last four years knowing he'd have to face progressives at the BALLOT BOX in 2012 what the h___ kind of leverage do you think we'll have with him over the next four? Get real buddy, as Glen Ford and others on this blog have said before Obama is not the lesser of two evils but the more effective evil. Don't be an enabler for him. Vote for none of the above. Refuse to give your endorsement to a transparently phony and meaningless process. Refuse to lend it undeserved credibility. Otherwise you're part of the problem.

Has anyone noticed that Assdurratin's postions here are identical with those promoted by far RIGHT wing racists. Those Voter ID laws are actually more like the poll taxes and other measures which politically disfranchised our ancestors after Reconstruction. It is no coincidence that most people blocked from voting by the new voting restrictions are Black and (increasingly) Hispanic citizens. Also notice Assdurratin's RHETORIC: "Obama the MARXIST." Only a philosophically and politically illiterate simpleton could think that Obama is a Marxist after reading Obama's writings and speeches. But then again, only a political or philosophical illiterate could read Nkrumah and not see that he was a Marxist, though Assdurratin (who claims he's an Nkrumahist) vehemently denies Nkrumah's Marxism. What a phony he is: an a___ kissing Uncle tom reactionary pretending to be a follower of a left revolutionary African statesman. And now he's DEFENDINGmeasures by his right wing white masters to disfranchise us again, a ,mere 50 years the Civil Rights Act, and 49 years after the Voting Rights Act of 1965. "Traitor go to h___!" -Savant ________________
Thanks. Now something interesting happened at my university last week. No classes yet, just some faculty meetings. In one session I an a few others were asked to share our experiences as faculty who were first time or first generation university graduates. There was myself, a brother from the "hood" of east Baltimore, and son of parents who had left the Jim Crow South, a white working class woman from a poor family for whom it was uncommon even to complete high school. A woman from Africa living in the USA, from the lower rungs of the Nigerian middle class, but whose family had never gotten anywhere near a UNIVERSITY EDUCATION. And then there was the organizer of the panel---the daughter of Holocaust survivors. All first time educated folk from underprivileged backgrounds. After telling my story, my family's struggle to secure a decent education for me and my little sis, the lady who organized the panel stated to the audience "I can really relate to Dr. Savant's story because I am also a first generation college graduate. And like Professor Savant, I am a child of people who had to escape racial persecution, and long years of poverty. My parents were also Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, like Ms. Epstein of whom Savant speaks so eloquently. They were not as poor as Savant's parents--not until Hitler took from them everything they had. And they remained poor for some time after they got to America. But they, too, had that passion for education, the same passion for at least the education of their children that Savant tells us his family and that most people in his community once had." I suggested that with the Jewish people, a "people of the book", learning (or at least love of learning) was also an ancient tradition which she inherited. At one time--not so sure about now--education was virtually a religious devotion in Black America, commonly seen as a key to collective freedom as well as personal advancement, and partly because so many whites (beginning with slaveholders) were so determined that we not be educated. But it's important that we continue to advocate education, not merely for personal economic advancement, but for personal and social liberation and freedom. Education for freedom.