Sunday, August 07, 2016

2 Years After Ferguson

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I will never forget the rambling no bill speech that never once addressed the reason that ex cop chased and shot at Michael Brown for over 100 feet away from his car, and during that chase at what point his life or anyone else's was in danger, considering that M B was UNARMED.......

How is celebrating their son's memory near anything that you just posted?????? Just because you did not see the corrupt grand jury no bill due to a bias prosecutor, or all of the lies the police chief from and Ferguson, and the one from st Louis told in the beginning, that's on you........😠

The DOJ investigated civil rights violations not the killing of MB.....And a shove is hardly a strong arm theft, and the ex cop knew nothing about it at the time of the incident......Even though it was woven into the lies told by the police chief from Ferguson, and the one from st Louis , and a bias prosecuted that she have recused himself, instead presenting as a defense attorney......And please stop comparing apple's and oranges, as far as urban crime goes, because there is none.....You are not the first with that same comment, and probably will not be the last.....It is not an original one by far.....And lastly you are losing no one, so stop pretending to care, especially when you care to understand all of the underlying issues,.........😕 😠By the way white people commit crimes also.....The % of pedophilia, rape, theft, and white collar crimes are higher in your communities.....And statistically speaking, you are more likely to shot by another white person than any other ethnic group...Considering the amount of guns your community is in love with..