Saturday, April 12, 2014

Savant's Words

An equal number of Black people voted for Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton, who are obviously not Black. No "Black racism" was involved, and your repetition of this claim continually made by white racists indicates that you are yourself a white racist or a white racist Negro. The only people who even question Obama's academic competence--claiming that he didn't even pass the bar--are white racists. Mainly, you have an Uncle Tom mentality if you think Obama is worst than those presidents who EXTERMINATED Native Americans, enslaved African Americans, raped the Philippines (with 500,000 Filipino casualties), armed fascistic apartheid South Africa to the teeth, destroyed democracy in Guatemala during the 1950s, toppled democracies and democratically elected statesmen like Patrice Lumumba, Mossadegh, Allende, etc. No real socialist, Marxist or non-Marxist, would mistake Obama a socialist or a Marxist. Nobody who is familiar with the ideas of Marx or Obama would mistake Obama for a Marxist.

I've yet to find even ONE REAL MARXIST who regards Obama as being among their number. And as someone who teaches Philosophy--and Marx was a philosopher deeply formed by the Enlightenment, German Idealism and Greek philosophy--I can generally tell pretty quickly what philosophical or ideological tendency is central to one's thinking. Moreover, I've read BOTH Marx (and some Marxists)and Obama; you HAVE NOT. So, I think it's not unreasonable to dismiss your opinions on this matter. Marx was one of the great modern philosophers. And as is the case with other philosophers as well, you might find that reading Marx will not only cure you of insomnia, but also of a certain obtuseness



Oh, there are a lot of presidents even worse that GW Bush. Obama I consider to be mediocre. He's actually HIGHLY intelligent, well read, and with some background in progressive struggles as a YOUTH. But he's like a lot of FORMER progressives and revolutionaries I know who latter went into politics. Too many deals, too many compromises, and eventually there little commitment left to the progressive ideals of their youth besides occasional lip service. Some older brothers in Bmore--I could introduce you to some of them--who were staunch civil rights warriors, Black Panthers (original ones), fighters for the poor and the oppressed, are now singing a different tune. Occasionally they have a flash of moral consciousness, a flash of the old social consciousness when some especially offensive injustice has happened. We saw this with Obama in relation to the arrest of Skip Gates and the murder and exoneration of the murderer of Trayvon Martin. But those flashes of consciousness don't seem to last. Obama COULD have been a great President, perhaps akin to a Lincoln or the "Black FDR" that some liberals and progressives hoped he would be. It's too late now even if he wanted to. That train has left the station. And his comments about economic inequality is too little, too late. Still only white racists and buck dancing black buffoons thank that Obama is the WORST president ever. REASON has nothing to do with their opinions.



I doubt that the ruling class is trying to put down the emergence of the Convention Peoples Party because you're to marginal to be concerned with. Probably not even 1% of Black people in America even know you exist. You're not like SNCC or the Black Panther Party in their heyday. As for Obama, even those things you say which has an "element" of truth, they can be said about nearly ALL political leaders, and about many even more so than about Obama. Hence you SPECIAL animosity against Obama can't be due simply to his lackluster record. There's definitely an element of anti-Black racism there, and even anti-progressivism even though most progressives will tell you that Obama is NOT one. Notice that I am angry with Obama because of the WEAKNESS of his health care"reform" which still leaves the corporate system intact, and the public with no non-corporate option. Universal single payer should have happened, or at least the public option. Reactionaries are against health care reform altogether.

Corporate domination is ok with them, thanks you very much. Black (and other) progressives think his interventions with the case of Gates or his comments regarding Trayvon were too little, too late. Reactionaries have the effrontery to accuse Obama of being a "black racist" simply because of his absurdly mild criticisms of white racism. The problem you reactionaries have with Obama is that he's not right wing as you. Our problem is that he is TOO RIGHT WING already! And so is the Democratic Party, mainly because it clings to the center--a center that has been shifting to the Right since the time of Nixon and Reagan. You reactionaries are heading toward an American Fascism, and want to take the country with you. You must be stopped, even if it comes down to armed confrontation (should all peaceful means fail). Our fight against you reactionaries is like the fight against Slavery described by Wendell Phillips: " This is a fight of civilization against barbarism." 



 I not only have a position, but effectively critiqued and destroyed your idea the "racism" of Blacks is evidenced by Blacks voting for Obama. Due to your racist arrogance, and your intellectual incapacity to answer my critique, you simply took the attitude of being dismissive and repeating your refuted position.\ 95% of Blacks voted for LBJ and for Bill Clinton. Your problem with Obama are not the LEGITIMATE problems that a progressive and honest citizen might have. Your REAL problem is with him is racial. And you express your racism while projecting it on others. Whites tend to devolve because of their immersion in racism, which often takes the form of subservience to conservatism---which today means most often the Republican Party. When the Democrats were the MOST RIGHT WING PARTY (at least in the South), they were embraced by the same kind of people whom now embrace the Republican Party. When Goldwater came out against the Civil Rights laws--thereby guaranteeing that at LEAST 90--95% of Blacks would vote for Johnson in 1964---we saw the beginnings of the movement of racist white Dixiecrats voters and politicians to the Republican Party.(Ironically, my parents vote for Spiros Agnew, with some regret, because Md. Democrats ran the segregationist Mahoney for governor. This was the first and last time they voted Republican). Nixon's "southern strategy" and Reagan's thinly veiled racist appeals helped to consolidate reactionary and ignorant white voters behind the Republican banner. No wonder a KKK GRAND DRAGON stated that the Reagan platform couldn't be any better unless it was written by the Klan.

As for affirmative action, it is an effort--inadequate though it has been--to redress damages inflicted by centuries of racism. Hence the logic of it is antiracist. Interestingly enough, Dr. KIng--whom you like to appeal to without understanding--also FAVORED affirmative action, often on both racial and class grounds. He compares it to the reform measures taken in India to redress the damage done to the "untouchable." (Try READING King and studying some work by King scholars, you nitwit. Start with WHY WE CAN'T WAIT) Most opponents of affirmative action have been, like you, white racists crying about racism. As for Obama's qualifications they were as good as average, maybe BETTER than average, considering that most American presidents have been mediocre--or LESS. He's certainly one of the best educated persons to occupy the office. He HAD to be to get elected.

White privilege might allow a white moron to get elected, but Blacks don't have that privilege. My objection to Obama is that he had an historic opportunity to lead the nation--albeit against stiff racist and reactionary opposition--in a more progressive and humane direction. He COULD have been, as Colin Powell mistakenly called him, a TRANSFORMATIONAL leader. But he settled for being mere another transactional politician with the usual political deals He could have inspired progressivism, but instead helped to contain it. Now he talks, like Dr. King, about economic inequality and economic justice. Fine. Only it's too little, too late.


Some people have a capacity for sheer human stupidity that is not to be underestimated. So, there were Frenchmen and Poles who collaborated with the Nazi occupation. There were even Jews who collaborated. There were South African Blacks like Chief Buthelezi who collaborated with the apartheid regime. And even the famous 300 Spartans were betrayed by a fellow Greek called Ephialtes. The labor movement had its sell outs. Under patriarchy it is often women who exercise the task of policing young girls and training them to a life of subservience And have we forgotten those AA traitors who worked with COINTELPRO to infiltrate and destroy the civil rights movement, Malcolm's OAAU, and the Black Panther Party? If you begin a movement for freedom, or if you're just trying to survive a situation of oppression, know that there will be traitors in your midst.



 People in this forum, as well as the one which states that Blacks NEED a Black Hitler, ought to be aware of Hitler's attitudes toward Blacks....Also what happened to Blacks in Germany. Many of your probably don't know that there was an anti-Black Holocause in Germany. Recently, a book has been written on it called HITLER'S BLACK VICTIMS. Hans Massaquoi, a man of African descent who survived Hitler murderous rage, has written an autobiography recently. I forget the title, however. Hans Massquoi survived Hitler, came to the USA in about 1950, and for years wrote for EBONY magazine. Two of my colleagues who are historians confirm what I've been reading and hearing about the destruction of the Blacks of Germany. One of my colleagues who is a historian suggested that there may have been as many as 25,000 Blacks (mainly Africans, and children of African men and German women) until Hitler destroyed them. If Hitler had won the war there would not be 37 milllion Blacks in America today. We ould almost cetainly have disappeared before I was born. Dr. King would not have survived adolescence to lead any civil rights movement. And, obviously, would be no Barack Obama, nor a percipient philosopher and man of letters like Savant. People who admire Hitler are twisted. And any Black who even suggests the idea of a Black Hitler ought to be put under psychiatric care. If you admire the legacy of King, Fred Douglass, Fannie Lou Hamer and W.E.B. Du Bois, then you cannot also consistently think in terms of a Hitler-type leader as desirable.


 All wrote: Two reasons MLK was murdered. April 4, 1967 he voiced his opposition to the vietnam war and one year to the date, April 4, 1968 he was shot in the "mouth". That's what they infer when they call us cry babies and whining. The second reason was the Poor People March on D.C. The "powers and principalities in high places" will never allow equality in sny form to upset their pluto democratic system. JFK was murdered partially due to allowing black people to march on D.C. in August 1963. 

While I'm not completely sure about JFK, I'm pretty sure that you're spot on regading the reasons for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. Ironically, it was the Black Panther Party which while not embracing King's nonviolence, were the Black group committed not just to a Black movement, but a movement of the poor and exploited---and unifying the disinherited and the dispossessed. What we learned from the FBI documents related to the COINTELPRO operations is that the FBI were more afraid of Panther IDEAS and PROGRAMS than about a few shotguns and leather jackets some of them owned. Dr. KIng talked about the need for a "radical redistribution of political and economic power"--which is what the Panthers also called for. That's reason, I believe, why King was killed. And the reason why the Panthers were suppressed.  



attai1 wrote: Sir, I don't think Barack Obama is any indication of real "Black Power" in the USA. The posts above signed "All" and those by sir Savant are destroying any illusion that the present incumbent of the still basically "white" House has ever pushed forward any Black agenda, not even strong reforms to improve the situation of Black Americans. The Health care reform, so botched up by the Democratic Congress even before the Boehner guerilla, has basically been the only credit Obama has in this direction and it is extremely limited. Definitely he has not been the Black F.D. Roosevelt you could see on a famous 2009 poster. But as you say this presidency is going to sleep now : we can fear both a dreadful Hillary candidacy or any whitey revengeful Rep lunatic. Obama has done nearly nothing but his simple existence has stirred the putrid anti-Black nature of the USA. The more I read Solomon Northup's 1853 book, the more it is obvious to me. How do you personally and your party see the rise of a possible Black Superpower ? I feel it would be a great step forward for the whole earth and could happen during this XXIst century but we're still very far from it in 2014. 
-a euro-whiteboi 

Too little, too late. If Barack Obama intended to move on a PROGRESSIVE agenda-against the racists and plutocrats--he'd have needed to do so immediately, certainly not later than the FIRST year in office. He gave signs that he might do that before taking office. When the Chicago Window and Doors workers occupied the plant which intended to lay them off without even their severance pay, Obama actually said that the workers were RIGHT in doing so? This was before President-elect Obama had even taken office. 

I wondered: "Could it have happened? Can it POSSIBLY happen in politically backward America? A president who is on the side of the WORKING PEOPLE, the poor and the oppressed?" Then we saw him compromise away the health care initiative. OK, it's better than NOTHING --which is what the Republicans offered, and all America previously had. But we could have gotten SINGLE PAYER universal health care, or at least the PUBLIC OPTION. All we got was some tinkering reforms of a still corporate ruled health care industry. Obama at least floated the idea of a bail out for HOMEOWNERS and renters. After all, the banks had been bailed out by both Obama and GW. So, Obama reasoned--and quite correctly--the banks and corporate cliques who destroyed the economy should not be allowed to continue evicting people. At the very least a MORATORIUM on foreclosures and evictions for a year to 18 months ought to be enforced. Sounds good? Yeah, but Obama backed out when he got opposition from Republicans and even some Democrats. Instead of taking his case before the American people and putting pressure on Congress, he blinked. And as I heard Bmore Occupy protestors saying "The banks got bailed out and we got sold out." Why the continued embargo on Cuba? Why the compromise with the cops after the Skip Gates incidents? Can't Obama even defend the BLACK BOURGEOISIE from racist attacks? 

Why not come to the defense of Mrs. Sherrod --a heroine and (I believe) widow of the Civil Rights Movement? His words on behalf of the Trayvon Martin family was ok, but still too little and too late. OK, there's some movement---also very late in the day--to easy the racially discriminatory judicial practices related to the disastrous "war on drugs." Again, way late in the day. It's so late in the day now that if Obama were to try to morph himself into a synthesis of Dr. KIng, Malcolm X, John Brown, Bill Haywood, and Nelson Mandela --all rolled up into one--there's little that he can do in the two years he has left. And will he do even that little?


I don't defend Arabs against Jews, or Jews against Arabs. But I will support innnocent victims of religious or ideological intolerance, be they Jew, Arab or other. In Yugoslavia during the 1990s, I would be morally compelled to defend persecuted Muslims against murderous Christian fascists following Milosevic. In the Middle East, I might actually have to support SOME Muslims against others.(Al Quaeda is killing more Muslims than has anyone else since Milosevic). In Iran, predominantly Muslim Iranians who want greater freedom should be supported against Muslim clerical authoritarians who are suppressing freedom. Had I been around in 1953, I might have supported Iranian sovereignty under democratically elected Mosadegh, a man of Muslim faith,against Imperialist coup plotters of the CIA, coming from the very Christian land of America. There may be cases where I have to defend Christians or Jews from Muslim persecution, or vice versa. My position is to try to be in moral solidarity with the oppressed, especially the poor, regardless of their creed or color. Religious and racial wars are sooooo archaic, fascist and inhuman. 



The Founding Fathers mainly had no resume, nor is that essential for being a good leader. There is no global depression, and at any rate the economy is not worse than when Obama took office. It is not simply erroneous but stupid to claim that the recession is worse now than before. At any rate, depressions and recessions are also an inherent part of the way capitalism works. If you accept capitalism stop complaining about the irrational way in which capitalism works. Also, Barack Obama was never a slaveowner or a mass murderer of Native Americans. Since slavery and genocide are about the worst crimes anyone can commit, Obama--with hi many shortcomings--is superior to the slaveholding and genocidal founders of the republic. Race relations are worse only when you white racists and reactionaries make them worse. After all, whites invented racism. Obama does SHARE some of the responsibility for the troubles between the USA and the Muslim Middle East. But that's because he--like other political leaders are instruments of corporate imperialism. 

GW Bush started those wars in Iraq and Afghanstan. Obama inherited them. I hold him responsible insofar as he has allowed Bush's war to become his war. Actually, capitalism is turning America into a big ghetto, or a Third World country. And the policies that contribute most to that are the right wing policies of your conservative leaders, and the piratical profiteering of the 1% Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost. Your white corporate overlords are reducing your general standard of living to that of the Black and Latino poor. And until you break with the corporate ideology and racism, until you abandon your racism and enter into solidarity with us, your immiseration will continue and deepen. For those white people who are beginning to open their eyes and do what is needed, they have both my sympathy and solidarity. For the rest of you, well... you're helping to bring ruin on yourselves through your racist blindness and stupid and unreflective adherence to reactionary capitalist values. You're digging your own graves. You needn't be surprise when you are buried by your upper class white overlords---with the aid of your own obtuseness. 



I've an elder first cousin who married a man from Martinique, and an uncle who married a woman from Ghana. My Aunt Lottie (mother's older sister) was married to a Jamaican. (Her daughter, Addie, married the man from Mozambique--whom she met in college) -Savant  


With the exception of a Malian (Bambara) woman i dated while in France, every African woman whom I've ever connected with was living in the USA. Often they were fellow students, and later fellow academicians. Or a South African sister like Mercy whom I met here in Bmore during my involvement in the anti-Apartheid solidarity movement. SOMETHING has to bring people togeher, allowing them to know each other for anything to happen. Guess why MOST AA men (regardless of what Topix or TV tells su) date and marry MOSTLY AA women. Could it have something to do with the fact that MOST of us grow up in AA neighborhoods 9even when middle class), go to AA churches, predominantly AA schools and so forth? But I need to think a minute and return to Lisa's post 


Saturday, January 25, 2014

On Urban Areas

The harm done to the cities have been in decades in the making by the ruling elite. They via fractional reserve currency policies, austerity, bad trade deals, deindustralization, brutal privatization, the War on Drugs, gentrification, etc. have either harmed cities or caused the ruling class to dominate them. Worldwide, there is bad currency manipulation by central banking interests and that is evil. Libor has been caught doing it. Such financial scams have harmed urban communities and other communities. Record bailouts and imperialistic policies have harmed the black communities and others in America. So, if there is a possibility of radical improvement, it could take many years or many decades. We have to fight economic inequality too, because economic inequality can cause more unjust wars, more poverty, and more destructive policies in our communities straight up.

There can be no comprehensive solution unless the military industrial complex ends (that means that the imperial, wicked war on terror must end completely) and there should be an emergency plan among all levels of government to CREATE JOBS, INFRASTRUCTURE, IMPROVE EDUCATION, AND THE BUILD UP STANDARD OF LIVING OF PEOPLE IN URBAN COMMUNITIES. We can get funds for this by ending the war on terror, creating debt free money, end bailouts for the big banks, use policies to end fraud, waste, and abuse, end tax breaks for multinational corporations, even create guaranteed annual income, etc. Also, you can break up the big banks, so the smaller banks can have immediate investment in Main Street. The State bank in North Dakota is highly successful now, so it can be done. That makes the playing field more level.

ALSO, these local governments should end RACISM, end DISCRIMINATION, end POLICE STATE LIKE LAWS INCLUDING POLICE STATE LIKE POLICIES, end GENTRIFICATION, end the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, end the WAR ON DRUGS, end BRUTAL PRIVATIZATION, AND end ECONOMIC OPPRESSION (which contributes heavily to the problems in the cities). You have to treat this situation as an emergency, because it is an emergency for real.

-By Timothy (Me)


Thank for your words Brother. Many of the "leaders" refuse to advocate real ideals, because of fear, many lost their revolutionary spirit, and some are bounded under corporate backing from the 2 party system (many of them are CFR members, and they ally with the establishment outright). Many of them want token reform not real CHANGE. We have the right to resist evil. Reform can only take folks so far, but real comprehensive CHANGE can change the world (this change deals with opposing the War on Drugs, opposing poverty, wanting imperialism to end, wanting workers to have economic justice, and to believe in improving the environment. Improving NATURE is a foundational aspect of spiritual TRUTH. Oppression is related to racial and class issues). We should advocate community development, black self determination, and true CHANGE without following the agenda of the oligarchy.

-By Timothy (Me)


Some practically think of him as a holy man, almost as someone who walks on water. Others practically see him as the devil. Why all this LOVE and HATRED for Barack Obama? I see him as a politician, far better than the Republican adversaries who ran against him. He does have a progressive background, as is evident from his memoir DREAMS FROM MY FATHER and commentaries from persons who knew him as an activist--some of which have appeared in THE NATON or THE PROGRESSIVE. I think his administration offers openings for a new popular democratic movement and the beginning of a new era. But he's not going to split the Red Sea. NOr is he the anti-Christ. He's a centrist liberal Democrat with some progressive sympathies, but whose progressive background may or may not reveal itself in his administration. So what's with the deification of Obama on the one hand, the the demonization of him on the other?



 Bush was nearly condemned to a lackluster presidency, especially given the Florida debacle and the dark cloud under which he entered office. The horrible irony is that Osama and this thugs helped save Bush's presidency in the beginning. He and America gained moral capital due to the crimes of 0/11. And as commander in chief amidst a crisis and an atmosphere of fear, Bush support rose for a time. But only to fall to the lowest levels of unpopularity probably in the history of American presidents. Barack Obama achieved popularity coming into the presidency; and his approval ratings have actually gone up a few points recently. Moreover, his popularity is global as well as national. But how long can this last? Why is he so popular? And why is there still a good number of people (though a minority) who not only disagree with Obama, but HATE him? How can sane people (if they ARE sane) REALLY believe that Obama is a communist and a fascist, a terrorist Muslim and a Marxist? And how could his election spark a RISE in activity (including violent activity) among white supremacist and far right people? This exceeds even the Republican animosity toward Bill Clinton.



 OBAMA'S LEFTISM? Another thing of interest is the continued claim that Obama is a socialist or a Marxist. Since I AM a democratic socialist, I wish this were true. But let's look at reality. The guy believes in capitalism. He models himself after Lincoln and FDR, a president whose "liberal" economic reforms are said to have saved capitalism during the Depression (though FDR was also labeled a socialist). Obama has even SAID he believes in capitalism--unfortunately. And I think the elite corporate community has far too much influence or power to block whatever progressive initiatives Obama may attempt to promote. But also, I wonder whether people who make these claims that Obama is a socialist or even a Marixt, have ever READ any of Obama's writings or speeches. I have. And as a student and teacher of Philosophy I'm quite familiar with the ideas of Marx as I am with those of Plato, Aristotle, Rousseau or Locke. I believe that if Obama was a Marxist I would have noticed it by now. I asked someone on anothe thread what evidence he had that Obama was a Marxist, and could it point out in Obama's own speeches or writings or even organizational affiliations any evidence of Obama's Marxist inclinations> My interlocutor's response: Zilch. Just the usual moronic response that "it would take an idiot savant not to see that Obama is OBVIOUSLY a Marxist..."etc. Strange inversion of reality which holds that a man who THINKS and refuses to accept claims without eviddence is the idiot, while the man who believes all sort of paranoid fantasies in total disregard for reason is supposedly more intelligent. But this shows another side of this anti-Obama hatred: a fanatic animosity wich is equally an hatred of reaason and truth. A hatred of thinking. And that is SCARY. 



 As an African-American man, I admit his election gratifies me. But I would be considerably less pleased if he had been someone like Alan Keyes. Just being black hardly cuts it. What intereste me as a politically and socially PROGRESSIVE Black person is Obama's progressive background (evident from his writings and commentaries by persons who knew or worked with him that appeared in THE NATION & THE PROGRESSIVE). And the possibilities for the beginning of a NEW ERA that this election, and the apparent shift in much of American social consciousness which made this election possible, is quite exciting. But my assessment of Obama's performance at present is MIXED. I approve of some things, have reservations about some others, and simply disapprove of still others. But probably a separate thread to discuss President Obama's performance as well as possible achievements would be needed to discuss this in a thoughtful manner. -Savant

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Edud's Views and Others

I both "get" and understand why you WANT and NEED to believe that. But FACTS and TRUTH stand ALONE and does not equal demonization. The fact that you have white friends and family members does NOT change the FACT that white supremacy exists and a "system" of white supremacy governs the existance of people of color, especailly Blacks. As you know, Thomas Jefferson held slaves, yet loved Black women. Sen. Storm Thurman traveled the country with anti Black messages WHILE sleeping with, and having a child by, a Black woman. White supremacist "game" is that there are ONLY a "few" racist and the majority are "good" whites. NOT!!! And that DEFIES logic. If there were only a "few" supremacist/racists and the majority were all "good", the supremacist/racist "system" couldNOT stand. Instead the OPPOSET is TRUE(To varying degrees). There are ONLY a few whites who believe in GENUINE 100% equality and Black empowerment. Everything else is "game" and ILLUSION. That's WHY 400 years LATER, things are STILL the SAME. White supremacy just kept up with the times. Remember, it was once ok to whip/beat your children in order to CONTROL them. NOW, you must come up with other means to achieve the SAME thing--CONTROL.

Whites don't care about Black empowerment but they "claim" they do. Whites are ALL about their survival on the planet and they are willing to say or do ANYTHING to achieve that. You are correct that Blacks need to feel a sense of responsibility for each other in a world that cares LESS about them. However, that's easier said than done. If it were that easy, we would have done so 400 years ago. The SAME forces at play then CONTINUES today. The "Black responsibility" game is derived from white supremacist to shift blame to Blacks for THEIR behavior. We tried "Black responsibility" when we founded Rosewood, a sucessful Black owned town in Fla. We tried it in Tulsa, Ok, we tried it with "Black wall street", etc. So, what happened when we took "responsibility"??? WHITES mamed, killed, and destroyed both people and property. So the "good innocent" white man sitting innocently by while "lazy Blacks shun responsibility" GAME don't cut it when placed beside FACTS. With our INDOCTRINATION it is IMPOSSIBLE to "just" stick together, or "just" act responsible. If we begain with Black children born TODAY, and indoctrinate them with TRUTH from the womb it would STILL take generations to rebuild "unity" among oursleves as we have NOT had it in over 400 years( unity has NEVER been destroyed with other groups so we can't be compared to others). White supremacy MUST be eradicated across the globe before MEANINGFUL peace and unity can be achieved.



There SHOULD be NO suprise. Whites are ALL the SAME when it comes to an INHERENT belief in superiority over people of color, especailly Blacks. There are two types of INDOCTRINATION occuring FROM the WOMB. One INDOCTRINATED with SUPERIORITY and the other indoctrinated with INFERIORITY. Black/white children examined with the infamous Doll experiments SHOW indoctrination STARTS early(at birth).
While we like to beleive things have "changed", they have NOT. White supremacy/racism continues as before, it simply kept up with the times.



While "some" young whites are bucking this "mindset", most are NOT. When we peel back the onion, we see that whites operate on the principle of expediency(What is BEST/advantagous for THEM). Their REAL intent is often "cloaked" So well we don't catch it until it's too late. The TRUTH of the matter is, MOST young Black/white interaction is based on white s3xual desires. Are these young whites taking young Blacks into the corporate world with them? Have these young whites opened the prison doors? Are these young whites out fighting gang and gun violence in the Black community? Black unemployment is the highest in the country. Are young whites hiring Blacks? These SAME young whites are fighting in my area to resegregate the schools. We are NOT fooled by the "few" racist whites game when we KNOW we exist in a "system" of white supremacy.


Psychology isn't my field but one doesn't have to be an expert in it to know that the stigma against suicide in the black community is compounded by the fact that asking for help, especially with emotional issues, is considered somewhat 'unmanly' in this society. In fact we know that in most societies men are expected to be physically and emotionally strong and able to handle any problem that life throws at them. Men put these constraints on themselves as part of their masculine self-image, and for a man to admit that he is in the kind of terrible emotional pain that leads to suicide is quite a challenge to that. Sadness is considered to be 'weak', and 'feminine', and so is talking about one's emotions.
I love WHEN and HOW you teach TRUTH!!! Excellent post!!! In addition, let me add that another problem to Blacks seeking psychological help is the fact that their are FEW Black psychologist, and even FEWER who reveal TRUTH. White psychologists and mental health workers are PART of the supremacist "system" and CANNOT reveal TRUTH. After listening to Black "problems"(The ROOT causes are white supremacy and supremacist "systems"), their ONLY answer is the "pull yourself up" by the boot strap "game" which we KNOW is the typical "game" of white supremacist/racists. So the cycle continues until the person realizes it's "game" and choose to commit suicide. We are SEEING an increasing number of Blacks doing mass shootings and hoping to be killed by the police(A form of suicide). These tend to be Blacks who attempted to BELIEVE in the "system"(The american "dream")but had to conclude it is ALL an ILLUSION(Chris Doner, Alexis(the navy yard shooter), even the elder DC snipper(army man), and others). A lot of the young gang members shooting and killing each other ARE commiting a form of suicide. I recall Dr. Francis Cress Wilsing(A phychiatrist)stating that in order for her to help "her people" mentally, she HAD to understand the ROOT of their problem--racism/white supremacy. We could alleiveate SOME of mental problems/confusions IF we INDOCTRINATED our children with TRUTH from the womb.
Thank you so much, edud! I'm honored to receive such a great compliment from you, who has such a deep understanding and grasp on the nature of the problem we're facing. It is quite true that black people find little help from psychologists and psychiatrists because, as you and I know, everything in this system is set up to benefit whites and is tailored to their needs, their likes, their desires, and their outlook on EVERYTHING. The brother who did that latest mass shooting at the Navy yard had already been in contact with army doctors and police in which he specifically told them he was 'hearing voices', and was also having his sleep patterns disturbed by 'microwaves', but apparently, no one connected the dots, or didn't TRY TO.
However, we also have to consider the fact that many black people (though not all), because of white supremacist conditioning, are extremely reluctant to seek help for emotional or mental problems. Even if you try to bring up the subject the first thing many people will practically YELL at you is, "I ain't crazy!" Needless to say, this attitude is not helping the situation.
I recently read a great blog post by someone who did a brilliant analysis of "The Matrix", and compared our situation to the one in the movie. The truth in this comparison was as clear as day. This IS like living in a world where a false reality has been pulled over our eyes in order to blot out the horrible truth. Maybe the brothers who have acted in such destructive ways saw that and simply could not handle it any longer.
All TRUE!!! I had a family member who sought "help"(A goverment employee who BELIEVED in the white "system" 100%)from a pyscologist. When it was revealed to the family, most reacted the way you discribed. Most stated, "that's her, I don't NEED any help".
As to the "Matrix" comparison it's TRUE as far as existing in a FALSE reality. If we sit back and observe(Any public place; mall, park, etc)it is CLEAR that Blacks operate in a "robotic" fashion, even our body movements. It's like our "brain computer"(Dr. Welsings term)is attempting to connect the dots on HOW to ACT. Kind of like living with someone who dosen't want us there. We walk on egg shells BECAUSE we DON'T know WHAT to DO or say. And if you are not in that "robotic" state, it SHOWS and both whites and Blacks are STUNNED and don't know how to interact with you.
Keep teaching TRUTH in a world FULL of LIES. Especailly to the "lost", even if they don't want to hear it!!!


[BEAUTIFUL STRUGGLER] Good and Black [OPINION] Jamilah Lemieux says that policing Black behavior won't end racism, nor will it uplift our people
Who taught you to hate yourself?”
Malcolm X’s famous query has been on my mind lately. It was there when President and First Lady Obama took brand new HBCU alumni and their families to task on Morehouse and Bowie State’s graduation days. It was there when Don Lemon posed Boy Scout-esque steps that we—we—could take to end racism. I thought of those words when our beloved POTUS came for us again in his comments during the celebration of the anniversary on the March on Washington. And when Sheryl Underwood sat beneath a shiny wig and before a largely White audience and mocked nappy Black hair. And again yesterday, as the image of a crying Black girl circulated the net after her Black-led school punished her for having Black girl hair.
I don’t think that any of these people would tell you that they hate Black people or themselves or things that are associated with blackness. But the uncomfortable thread running all through these narratives is the suggestion that we have to be good to be good enough. To be respected, to be human, to be validated in the eyes of White folk.
Because, you know, this is what really matters. In fact, I often feel like some of us are walking around wearing invisible W.W.W.F.D. bracelets around their wrists in hopes of somehow policing themselves into validity.
What would White folks do? And what can we do to get them to tell us we’re okay? Who do we have to be to gain their respect? If we play nice, will you finally treat us that way?
Ebony September 2013

As an admirer of Dr. Neely Fuller, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing(whom I admire)relates the following TRUTH:"UNTIL you UNDERSTAND white supremacy, EVERYTHING you THINK you KNOW will only CONFUSE you". MOST of us are NOT BAD or STUPID people, we just DON'T understand white supremacy. We "get" racism BECAUSE we SEE and FEEL it daily. But the ROOT cause of racism(white supremacy)is UNKNOWN to most. That's WHY we are all over the place on racial topics. As you CORRECTLY pointed out, the JOB of whites IS to confuse, blame, lie, etc in order to SHIELD the TRUTH about themselves.

Friday, August 09, 2013

More Advice

I was almost convinced by a few of the posts that I read on this blogpost that maybe this conversation was counter-productive but after reading YOUR post, I realized it was a HUGE MISTAKE NOT to talk about this
I agree that the blaming posture is not helpful BUT I believe that ALL things “in the dark, so to speak” should be BROUGHT TO LIGHT.
I believe EVERYTHING should be OPEN for examination and NO TOPIC — no matter how “offensive” should be overlooked. Black people collectively have already spent FAR too much time in denial and avoidance and now we are reaping a BITTER HARVEST by NOT doing what should have been done a long time ago
The Tommy Sotomayors of the black community aren’t interested in telling the truth. They aren’t interested in solving any problems. They’re not offering constructive criticism, what they’re doing is acting out their MONSTROSITY PERSONALITIES and ISSUES at the EXPENSE OF BLACK FEMALES
and while the white elites are creating a BLACK SCAPEGOAT SCENARIO by blaming all their crimes on black people and putting a black face on everything that angers white people (which is why President Obama was (S)ELECTED)
black males like Sotomayor are creating a BLACK FEMALE SCAPEGOAT SCENARIO by putting a BLACK FEMALE FACE on everything that angers black males — and in essence are GIVING BLACK MALES PERMISSION TO DEGRADE AND HARM AND KILL BLACK FEMALES
and the white supremacy system created this NEED via the gangsta rap, TV, movies, etc that shows a DEGRADED AND UGLY IMAGE of black females, in particular, the DARK-SKINNED BLACK FEMALE
and sadly, many black males — even those with dark-skinned mothers, daughters, sisters, etc
it is NOT black females that have eliminated black males from the workforce, or who have unjustly incarcerated them, or who have pumped 50 bullets into their unarmed bodies, or who have allowed the Zimmermans to murder black people and walk free.
YET some black males show MORE HATRED for black females than for the white people who are HARMING THEM
WORDS ARE POWERFUL, and white people have used them against black people successfully — and those WORDS affect whether we get that JOB or not, whether we get that LOAN or not, whether we go to JAIL or not, and whether a white policeman can TAKE OUR LIFE AND GET AWAY WITH IT or not.
Why would anyone think that black females LIVES are NOT BEING EQUALLY AFFECTED by these harsh, heartless and condemning WORDS from black males who are supposed to love and care for us? If we cannot count on black males to protect and defend us who are we supposed to turn to?
Thank you for your post. It brought to mind the SERIOUSNESS of the words of Sotomayor AND what a DANGEROUS ROAD black males and black females are traveling on
because even while I write this black people are being PURGED from american society, from the schools, the workplaces, even from PARTICIPATION in elections and society at general (due to the increasing number of black felons AKA “The New Jim Crow” — all while being BLAMED for the collapse of “American society” by the frustrated and frightened white masses.
For any black male (or female) who is IN a SINKING SHIP full of HOLES to spend ANY amount of time trying to drown another black person INSTEAD of asking them to help PLUG UP the holes so NO ONE WILL DROWN
that is the best evidence of a PERSON WHO HAS BECOME A DANGEROUS MONSTROSITY instead of a degraded person who is determined to RECLAIM THE HUMANITY AND HUMANNESS that was stolen from them. .

Trojan Pam
who said: “After suffering for hundreds of years, many black males can see no suffering except their own. No matter what happens they are ALWAYS THE ONLY victims.
The black male collective relates to black women and others in a very narcissistic way. Past and present injustices justify their right to functions outside of any sort of just ethical/moral framework. In other words, they have given themselves a “Black Male Victimhood Pass”.
This pass allows the bearer the right to rape, murder, sexually/financially exploit, menace, degrade and emotionally neglect black women and black children who do not play-their-positions or if the bearer (BMV) is bored. They are blinded by their own anger at not receiving the full patriarchal goody bag at birth.
The blood in the streets that belongs to their mothers, sisters, and daughters goes unnoticed. Perhaps the blood has been there for so long its existence no longer registers as unusual by black males and many black females.”
This is the kind of TRUTH that many black females are afraid to express lest we appear to working “against the black male” and working on behalf of “the (white) man.”
Black females largely remain silent in the face of so much collective black male abuse and ridicule OUT OF FEAR of alienating black males whose ties to black females are already so FRAGILE that just the least bit of LEGITIMATE CRITICISM may break them altogether
BUT that is a RISK we must take because we cannot go on like this. We cannot continue to ALLOW the black female to be ANYONE’S punching bag YET expect her to raise (often alone) MENTALLY HEALTHY BLACK CHILDREN — who are the FUTURE of the black nation.
Unfortunately, I have seen the attitudes you described above — of all my life, that black males are largely silent when it come to the abuse and degradation of black females YET expect the black female to make up the BLACK VANGUARD in those issues that primarily affect black males.
Black girls and women’s abuse is always swept under the rug and just mentioning them is seen as DIVISIVE by those black males who believe that ONLY they are the real victims because in their minds ONLY men are important — let’s be real about that.
This ATTEMPTED SEXISM (because REAL sexism requires REAL POWER) is something that seemed to take wings in the early sixties when white males like Daniel Moynihan cunningly blamed black females for the “emasculation” of black males RATHER than RIGHTFULLY blaming white people — and gave the poor oppressed black a NEW target for his frustration and rage:
the black female
I believe the NUMBNESS of black males toward black female suffering is NOT because they are heartless, but because they have been rendered POWERLESS during and after slavery to stop the abuse of their women and children that after a while, they began to NORMALIZE and INTERNALIZE the belief that the black female was NOT worthy of uplifting OR protecting because they had FAILED at doing it for so long.
We all live under a white supremacy ANTI-FEMALE, ANTI-BLACK, and ANTI-BLACK FEMALE society, which has all but CRUSHED the ability to EMPATHIZE with the most DEGRADED PERSON in America: the black female, especially, the dark-skinned black female,
And I see this lack of empathy that black females have for OTHER black females.
I think you have dug DEEP in your analysis and have made some serious points worthy of extended food for thought
I also believe that rather than always suggesting that black females do more INTERNAL work on ourselves (which most of us desperately need)
black males need to DOUBLE their FOCUS on their OWN internal housekeeping
we will NOT be able to solve the problem of eliminating racism/white supremacy without the black male AND black female working TOGETHER, so we better work on respecting, supporting, and valuing each other while we still have TIME.