Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Political Views

But to address the question in the title: "Yes, Dr. King was a hero to millions of people, and not just Black people. He was an AGITATOR, thank heaves. Just as the Abolitionists wee agitators. NO he was a Communist, but he was a Christian and Democratic Socialist."
It warmed my heart to learn that one of the men I most admired was a fellow democratic socialist.



And while these rightwing nutballs try to make King and us look like “Amuhricuh-hatin' commienists”, let's remember that DEMOCRATIC SÖCIALISM is the way all our developed allies are organized.

That's right... not Iran, the USSR, N Korea or Cuba. No, DEMOSOCIALIST means:


Yep, every one of those countries is friendly and free. But they ARE different from the U$A. There people don't go into massivge debt to go to college. There a worker earns enough to live on. There universal healthcare is the norm. There the standard of living is HIGHER than for most of us in the U$A.

Ask the people of any of those countries if they'd like to trade for the U$A social system. You'll hear a resounding NOOOOOOO!!!

Wake up, Yanks.



I saw a fairly contemporary video clip in which Bobby Seale suggested that video cams today would be better than guns. I think new Panther-style patrols using latest technology could be quite effective. And if we don't have to carry guns as the Panthers did, this video can be tools of nonviolent resistance to police terror.



Interestingly enough, it is the young people who are carrying forth the new struggles, not the Al Sharptons. It was a young Black coed whom I referenced at the beginning of this thread who said to her 50-something Black professor: "How long are we supposed to put up with this? We need to bring back the Black Panthers!" These young people are aware of the realities of race and class oppression. I KNOW because I work with them, both as an educator and as a community activist. It is YOU who are on the outside preaching against a new tide of resistance in its nascent phase. It is you who are out of touch. And by the way, the UN Commission on Racism, Amnesty International, ACLUY and numerous scholars whose research have led them to conclusions similar to mind are obviously all "paranoid fools" by your misguided criteria.



You have not stamped out the conservatives, and some of your own posts suggests that you share many of their values. As for your nonsensical, false and stereotypical jibberish about intellectuals that also comes mainly from the "hymnsheet " of the Right. No one but an ignoramus oblivious to history can believe that "intellectual s can't walk the walk." American and French Revolutions, Abolitionism in America, a large part of the Black movement of the 60s, and many contemporary movements are heavily influenced and often led by committed intellectuals. Your infantile anti-intellectualism is more revealing about you than you realize.