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Regina Taylor Wins Best Actress TV Series Drama - Golden Globes 1993


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Beyond ‘mere’ ‘Blindly Religious’ Faith- Why it’s quite Logically Reasonable to Believe in God!
One Could point out the fact that 85% - 90% of Earth’s people believe in spirituality in some form- w fully 57% of Earth's people being of the Abrahamic Faiths Tradition [IE: Jews / Hebrews, Christians, & Muslims, etc...] –vs- just 5% to Less than 10% of the World's people are atheists / agnostics. Of course that in & of itself is NOT necessarily a scientifically sound reason to believe in God. So below I list 6 good scientific reasons why it’s logical to believe in the God of the Universe [aka The Creator of the Heavens & the Earth]:
1} The ‘Birth’ of the Universe: The Big Bang shows that the Universe indeed had a beginning, which prior to that there WAS NO such thing as Time, space, Nor matter- IE: NOTHING in the [strict] Material sense! So how can you even get an entire Universe from absolute nothingness??? This is such a vexing problem that either scientists avoid talking about what’s the ultimate source of the Big Bang, or strict materialists minded ‘scientists’ ‘fudge the real definition’ of ‘nothing’. Note: Big-Bang Theorists say the Universe burst into existence as a burst of light energy. Genesis says the Universe began as ‘Let There be Light’ shined thru the ‘Darkness’.
- 2} Fine Tuning of the Universe: There’re a number of fundamental universal parameters & constants, that seem precisely fined-tuned to allow even the possibility of life in our Universe. Such that should just a few of these many fundamental universal parameters & constants be even slightly changed, not only would life as we know it be impossible, but chemistry & even the formation of stars, solar systems & galaxies would / could NOT have even occurred. Note: Cosmic ‘inflation’ theory was proposed to try to skirt one aspect of the Fine tuning ‘problem’, even though it violates Einstein’s speed of light [C] as the absolute cosmic speed-limit for matter & energy traveling in space!
- 3} Origin of Life [OOL]: According to top molecular chemist James Tour, NO-One has the slightest idea how, via random forces in nature alone, even the simplest microscopic organism could be formed from inherently inert / non-living matter. The ‘famed’ Urey Miller experiment was/is hyped as a big-step in ‘solving’ the OOL ‘problem’, but in-fact there were several key issues w Urey-Miller that effectively invalidate it re: the real-World. But even if it were valid on its own terms, Urey-Miller at best shows how a few amino-acids might have formed via random forces in nature, but can NOT show how these few amino-acids then became assembled into functional proteins, let alone how those proteins then became assembled into simple but LIVING Self-replicating microscopic [let alone complex macroscopic] organisms. – Note: The Fine tuned Universe & OOL ‘problems’ have even led to strict materialists to hype the pseudo-scientific so-called ‘multiverse’ {non}’Theory’ as a phony ‘solution’ to these vexing ‘problems’! Also note that Darwinists kinda-sorta ‘punt’ on the OOL issue- even though NO OOL = NO Darwinian evolution!
- 4} The Cambrian Explosion [aka Big Bang of Life]: Marks the sudden advent of a wide variety of complex macroscopic life-forms. Even Darwin himself understood the real-risk that the issues re: the Cambrian Explosion could eventually SINK his theory. Darwin dismissed this issue by insisting that numerous missing-links [to explain the Cambrian Explosion via a Darwinian mechanism] had NOT been found in the fossil-record during his day. Well its over 150 yrs later & the Cambrian challenge to Darwinism NOT only still exists, it’s actually gotten even worse! The Cambrian shows there was a sudden [unexplained] quantum-leap in biological info, w little if any real precursors [see Stephen Meyer’s ‘Darwin’s Doubt’]!
- 5} Haldane’s Dilemma: Shows via population genetics & mathematics that for mammals in general, & especially Humans & primates in particular- a Darwinian evolutionary mechanism can NOT work / does NOT explain how our alleged so-called ‘ape-like’ ancestor could have genetically ‘evolved’ into humans- NOT in 6 million yrs [the standard time given], NOR 60 million yrs [standard time of dino extinction leading to the rise of mammals & birds], nor 600 million yrs [just prior to the Cambrian Explosion], nor 6 Billion Yrs [= even before the formation of the Sun & Earth], NOR Even 60 BILLION YRS [= 4Xs – 5Xs the estimated age of the Universe]. This is so even when one focuses on the supposed ‘mere’ 2% difference between humans’ & chimps’ genome [which in the wake of ENCODE will likely be shown it’s significantly MORE than just a 2% difference].
- 6} The Development of Human Language: Famed MIT Linguist Noam Chomsky has recently coauthored a scientific paper saying the current fad of studying apes in the wild to try to explain the ‘evolution’ of human language, is just a waste of time [& resources]- which IMO should be blatantly obvious since wild apes Neither talk NOR read & write!! IMO it just shows that Darwinists do NOT really have a clue how human language [which also implies the human mind too] could have ‘evolved’ via strict Darwinian means.
These 6 cases show such [dare I say seemingly 'MIRACULOUS'] quantum-leaps of information re the ’real’ material world, that IMO they're likely impossible to fully account for via strictly materialistic means & explanations. Such that IMO the basic idea re: the ‘God Hypothesis’ is NOT only justified, but is entirely reasonable. Atheistic strict materialists & Darwinists give a ‘Whole Lotta’ sciency sounding ‘Huff & Bluff’ to try to skirt &/or dismiss these issues, which IMO is what you do when you really don’t have a clue [yet refuse to admit it]- about how to really deal w them!!